Many meaningful conversations with people in and outside of Tyendinaga contributed to the making of Raising the Words, and many of the people involved do not appear in the film. Callie is one of those people.


Konwanonhsiyohstha Callie Hill, Executive Director, Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna

Unlike most of the people I've spoken with as part of this project, I met Callie by way of a cold call. I wanted to learn about the origins of the immersion programs in Tyendinaga, and all voices pointed to Callie, director of Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna language immersion programs. Since our first meeting, Callie has been a grounding presence in my work. In addition to responding to endless questions, she has had many of her own, including the very helpful and haunting "who are you making this project for?"


1. How did the immersion programs in Tyendinaga come about? (0:00)

2. What have you accomplished so far at Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna? (1:23)

3. What do you hope to accomplish in the future at Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna? (2:16)

4. How does your work in language revitalization at the University of Victoria relate to your work here in Tyendinaga? (3:24)

5. In your view, what are obstacles to language revitalization in Tyendinaga? (4:56)

6. How has recently becoming a grandmother influenced your view of the language? (5:58)