Many meaningful conversations with people in and outside of Tyendinaga contributed to the making of Raising the Words, and many of the people involved do not appear in the film. Chris is one of those people.


Chris Harvey, Linguist, University of Toronto

My friend Bobby, who has been a relentless support throughout this project, told me one day that he had visited the linguistics department at the University of Toronto and had met with Chris, who was teaching the "Language Revitalization" linguistics class, and that I was welcome to sit in on it. So I went, and each Wednesday night during fall had the privilege of hearing about the ideas surrounding language revitalization, and filling in some of the gaps in my understanding of the context of Raising the Words.


1. How do you think the current dynamic between speakers of indigenous languages and linguists compares to how it's been in the past? (00:00)

2. What's your involvement in language revitalization? (05:13)

3. How does what's happening with Mohawk language revitalization compare to other indigenous languages in Canada? (07:09)

4. Can you give an overview of how widely indigenous languages in Canada are spoken today? (13:20)

5. Where is language revitalization at in its development, broadly? (18:19)

6. What connects cases of language revitalization in the context of a broader story? (23:42)

7. How do you define the field of linguistics? (25:07)